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At Phantom House Africa
We strive to offer our clientele the best of modern advances in publishing and in-house services. We pride ourselves in being able to publish the most promising of authors, and still provide a little over 200 customers the lowest priced books that rival prices from traditional publishing houses. 
It's truly inspiring.

What We Do

Phantom House Books offers professional publishing and editorial services. The publishing house is consistent with the contemporary changes in publishing technology and with state-of-the-art equipment offers copyright management, literary and award representation, subsidized book publishing, audio and electronic book generation, online book trailers and more. All available to the new-age author. We find it incumbent to bring these services at prices as little as $10. Our editors work hand in hand with book authors to find out what is needed. Even some of our literary agents have been known to take on pro bono work. Still, the most brilliant part of working with Phantom House Africa is representing all of our authors. Unlike the majority of literary houses into publishing, we take pleasure in marketing our authors in the best ways possible. 

A special note: with particular reference to Nigeria, one of our agents is currently accepting manuscripts from independent writers of all genres on a special BC project to improve the literary works of the country. To participate, send a mail to Jeffery with the title THE BC PROJECT in the subject line, attaching the FIRST 5 chapters, and not a chapter more, of your manuscript and your contact details in the body of the email. 
Important: This programme is restricted to ECOWAS nationals only, who have in the least one literary work published.  All other nationals should follow the normal channels for representation.


Standard Book Publishing Services

Phantom House Books Africa brings the cheapest quality books to its clientele. We strive to keep the balance between supplying low-priced books to our customers while providing high quality books from our clients. We accomplish this by reaching a contract agreement with our published authors as well as “chipping in” to subsidize the cost of production of our books with Amazon’s Createspace.  We are also proud to announce this liaison has been running for more than a year.


Book ‘n’ Print package.

The Book ‘n’ Print package is the simplest of our packages and is tailored for young, aspiring authors who want their work ‘out there’. This package allows Phantom House Books to personally represent your work and produce it for print and online distribution. Allowing us publish your work entitles you to many benefits from our publishing house as well as becoming one of our very own sponsored writers.

The Book ‘n’ Print package produces, in the least, the first 15 copies of your work and automatically puts up your work for representation by our literary agents, as should be the case with every literary and publishing house. It is truly a win-win situation.

IMPORTANT: Your work must be approved by one of our agents before you can take on this package.


Audio book package.

An audio book is a book read out loud to the public. The intended effect is to reach the hearing impaired or accentuate the essence of your book, which imparts more to your audience than typical print copies do for readers. The audio book package is not a sponsored package. It is a paid package. Hence, you do not require to submit your work to an agent for approval.  Simply submit your request and the printed book or its e-version to Phantom House Books Africa LLC and we will publish your audio book to world class standard.

IMPORTANT: Your work must have a valid ISBN code to use this service. We advise you seek the help of one of our agents concerning the copyright status of your work.


Post Print Book Publishing Services

eBook publishing package.

eBooks are secure, online books that can be read electronically. An eBook can be downloaded to your computer, smart phones, or iPads, and can be printed, depending on its accompanying copyright tag. Our eBook publishing package offers to publish the e-version of your book and have a direct link ready for our customers, your friends, and the entire web to download at our online library for either a paid download or free download (for sponsored authors).  Irrespective of nationality, we set up your account details, tax control, and you are automatically paid for every purchase.

IMPORTANT: All post print book publishing packages require a Valid ISBN code. Terms and conditions apply.


Book Trailer generation.

A book trailer is an one minute  (approx.) video announcing your book to friends, agents, directors and producers on the content of your published work. Phantom House Books subsidizes its book trailer packages even further for its clients, but generally generating our book thriller costs just about $200. Unbeatable and unattainable elsewhere.Don't forget to sample our trailers on the book trailers page.

IMPORTANT: All post print book publishing packages require a Valid ISBN code. Terms and conditions apply.


Award Consideration Package.

Our Award Consideration Package is a sponsored package for our authors and puts up all works for award consideration by many reputable writers’ workshops, book review and literary agencies. To present your work for ACP, you need to have the proposed manuscript(s) or book(s) approved by one of our agents. To do so, follow the normal channels for contact.

IMPORTANT: All post print book publishing packages require a Valid ISBN code. Authors must also be represented by Phantom House Books Africa to qualify for this service. Terms and conditions apply.


Copyright Management and Online Distribution Services [DCMS].

Many writers are cautious over their copyright. And you should be, for writing takes a lot of discipline and hard work. For unpublished manuscripts or non-ISBN books, Phantom House Books offers to represent your literary work and copyright, or generate a valid ISBN for it. To present your work for this service you need to have the proposed manuscript(s) or book(s) approved by our agents. Authors must also be represented by Phantom House Books Africa to qualify for this service.


e-Download Store.

Our e-Download Store  is our online library and features our sponsored e-books, our clients’ e-books, free color posters and more for download. It is easily accessible, doesn’t require customers to signup or login, and available to our customers and the entire web for the direct download our books. Download your favorite Phantom House Titles here and order more books at a discount by obtaining a client or customer discount code.


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