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Agent Tn Odu

Tn is our youngest agent and is Phantom House Africa’s very own sponsored writer. He writes juvenile fiction and has accrued two award-winning titles, both of which have been featured here by Phantom House Africa.This BBC honored writer has been in the ‘writing gig’ since he was 16 and shows some exemplary skill and wit. He is presently reading law at a top UK university and hopes to graduate magnum cum laude.

We clubber him with work, nonetheless.

Agent Desmond C. Clarke

this 68 year old editor has worked with Phantom House Books Africa for four years, which sadly is as long as he can remember. Although he is urged to retirement by his fellow agents, Mr. Clarke’s is an invaluable asset to Phantom House.

Desmond serves in a limited capacity at Phantom House Books and enjoys working with younger writers while thrilling them with his experiences as an editor. Mr. Clarke has served in various capacities at WD literary, Random House, Multnomah, and the highly vaunted New York Times. He also works with several other literary houses, of which Phantom House is one.

We’ve limited Desmonde to non-fiction titles; autobiographies, memoirs, how-to-do’s. For fiction, we recommend only short stories due his age.

Agent Cindy Heon

Cindy writes for leisure and a greater number of her works and translations are published in Korean!

Cindy has an MA in Creative Writing and teaches English in her home country. She is an active blogger and does a lot of travelling. Cindy accepts crime and historic manuscripts. Concerning non-fiction titles, Cindy accepts only travel books.

DO note that Cindy takes a while to respond.


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